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New Client Registration

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By sending the completed New Client Form to us, you hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions of Trade for Selwyn Veterinary Veterinary Centre. Payment of your account is required at the time of consultation or discharge of patient.
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    Selwyn Veterinary Centre Client Credit Terms and Conditions of Trade

    The following Terms of Trade apply to services provided by Selwyn Veterinary Centre to its clients.  By sending the New Client Registration form, you hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions of Trade as stated:

    1. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions of Trade need to be agreed to in writing by both parties.

    2. No staff member of Selwyn Veterinary Centre may agree to any terms other than as written in this contract.

    3. Prices include GST unless otherwise stated.

    4. Prices quoted for services may be adjusted from time to time, and the client hereby agrees to pay any such adjusted price, e.g. in instances where cost of goods increases, government surcharges increases, errors or omissions by Selwyn Veterinary Centre or its representatives.

    5. Unless otherwise agreed, all services shall be paid for on the date of service.

    6. Payment shall be accepted in the form of cash, direct credit or direct debit.

    7. Where it is agreed that payment need not be paid on the day of service, it shall be paid by 20th of the month, following date of invoice.

    8. Selwyn Veterinary Centre may withhold further provision of service where there is any outstanding amount due.

    9. Where clients are in breach of agreed payment terms, we may disclose this information to debt collection agencies and legal proceedings may follow.  This may result in your name and address being entered into the Computer Bureau default listing which will have an impact on your credit rating.

    10. Interest may be charged on overdue accounts at a rate to be decided by Selwyn Veterinary Centre from time to time.

    11. Costs incurred to recover outstanding monies will be charged to the customer.

    12. Termination of the contract may apply where there is non-payment without prejudice to any claims Selwyn Veterinary Centre may possess.

    13. The client authorises Selwyn Veterinary Centre to collect, retain and use personal information about the client for the purposes of assessing the client’s creditworthiness. The client authorises any other company or person to provide Selwyn Veterinary Centre with any information of the type referred to above that may be requested of them.

    14. No refrigerated goods supplied by Selwyn Veterinary Centre may be returned for credit. Other non-refrigerated goods may only be returned for credit with the agreement of the Practice

    15. Supply of goods for personal use will be covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

    16. Variations to the Terms of Trade may occur from time to time, and Selwyn Veterinary Centre will notify the customer by way of invoice – receipt of which shall be deemed to be acceptance by the client.

    17. Selwyn Veterinary Centre may disclose my personal information in order to provide credit references to other agencies that request them, and for debt collection, repossession, credit reporting and other similar purposes.

    18. Selwyn Veterinary Centre agrees not to use or disclose any information more than is reasonably necessary in the circumstances for its genuine business purposes.

    Selwyn Veterinary Centre

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